Top 15 Reminders I’m Back In a Startup

This week is the one-year anniversary of my return to high tech startups. I’d spent the three previous years managing SaaS engineering teams for Dell, where I met some great people, learned some valuable skills, and longed to get back to the “real world.” To commemorate, I thought I’d publish my top reminders that I no longer work in a Fortune 100 company.

  1.  There is no water cooler talk about a pending re-org; hint: we don’t have enough of an organization to re-organize
  2.  It’s December and none of my internal emails return with an out of office reply
  3.  Downside: I don’t fly to Bangalore in business class. Upside: I don’t fly to Bangalore.
  4.  I have only faint and fond memories of annual bonuses with performance modifiers
  5.  Shhh…. I just checked my personal email from work
  6.  Shhh… I just checked it from a Mac
  7.   The time from product idea to customer usage is less than 30 days
  8.   My only impediment to building more faster is time and money
  9.   Ah, if only I had more money...
  10.   Value to the business is measured solely by execution (no messaging required)
  11.   The difference between correct and directionally correct is success and failure
  12.   Organizational alignment can be achieved by shouting across cubes
  13.   Organizational agility is where you shout to multiple people at once
  14.   Writing code is no longer a disservice to your staff; not writing code however is
  15. The only compliance course I plan on taking this month is at the rock gym down the street from my house

SilverBack Technologies was acquired by Dell in July 2007. I joined cloud startup Sonian in December 2010.